• Kinderbrücke

    Max Bolliger wrote this puppet play after his picture book of the same name. It is the story of two families separated not only by a river but also by prejudices.

    The silly arguments can be laughed at.
 The two children find it less funny; they suffer from it. But it is they who bring about th...

  • Pinocchio

    In the puppet play "Pinocchio" the child is portrayed as it really is: funny, cheeky, natural, with all its weaknesses and virtues.

    Pinocchio's adventures captivate the audience, and with him they travel to the puppet theatre, the Wunderfeld or the land of milk and honey, where there is no sch...

  • Rumpelstilzchen

    "Today do I bake, tomorrow I brew, The day after that the queen's child comes in; And oh! I am glad that nobody knew That the name I am called is Rumpelstiltskin!"

  • De Hansdampf im Schnäggeloch

    This hand puppet play is about the ever dissatisfied Hans, who also does not shrink from violence. Not only his comrades avoid him, but his dog also runs away.

    But it would not be an instructive story if Hans did not come to a better understanding through adventurous encounters, and everything...

  • Muggestutz

    A play-table game according to Susanna Schmid-Germann's book of the same name: Muggestutz, the oldest Haslizwerg, sets out to find a present for his wife Raurinde. He meets his dwarf friends on the Dwarven Path and experiences all kinds of adventures. To find the precious gift, Muggestutz must me...

  • Illi de Landstriicher

    Illi the badger, world traveler and story-teller, strikes his camp on the edge of the village. He is suspiciously observed as a stranger by the villagers. Does he stink? Is he stealing? Can you trust him?

    Hoppla, the hare, Bella, the squirrel, Gakri, the chicken, they all get to know each othe...