Comedy Haus

Comedy Haus

3 Seasons

Meeting point of the Swiss comedy and cabaret scene, where should only be laughed!

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Comedy Haus
  • Spunk 2018 - «GALA-MAESTRO™»

    Episode 1

    A unique theatre experience that you should not miss. SPUNK - great entertainment for young and old - spontaneous, UN-conventional and creative.

  • MAESTRO™ – 04/2018

    Episode 2

    Whether tragic romance, thrilling thriller or sonorous aria. Whether four, two or solo - it's always about winning over the audience.

  • MAESTRO™ – 06/2018

    Episode 3

    Maestro is entering its sixth season with more than 3,500 enthusiastic spectators.

  • Spunk 2017 - «GALA-MAESTRO™»

    Episode 4

    All together - everyone against everyone