Das Tischgespräch

Das Tischgespräch

2 Seasons

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Das Tischgespräch
  • Cocaine and cannabis in Zurich

    Episode 1

    The legal ban on the use and trafficking of cannabis and cocaine cannot be enforced in Zurich. What does this mean for the Zurich Health Director, City Councillor Claudia Nielsen (SP)?

    Anyone who wants to consume cocaine or (THC) cannabis in Zurich can do so. The trade and production of illega...

  • Lust and noise at the Langstrasse

    Episode 2

    Langstrasse is booming, new things are emerging. From the Kulturhaus Kosmos to the editorial office of the online magazine Republik, the branch of the meatless restaurant chain Hiltl or the Migros chicken roaster Chickeria.

    Koni Frei reports on everyday life at Zurich's pleasure mile, where wo...

  • Catalonia: Still democracy or already neo-Francoism?

    Episode 3

    Elena Marti, daughter of a Catalan jazz musician and a Swiss curative teacher. At the age of fourteen Marrti joined the Young Greens and at the end of 2016 moved up to the Zurich City Council for the Greens in the Zurich City District 11/12. Elena Marti studies Art Education at the Zurich Univers...

  • Abstention at No Billag as a contribution to the necessary SRG reform

    Episode 4

    Klaus Vieli was a journalist with TV-DRS and private broadcasters for many years, and later ran his own TV production company. As a guest at the table, he explains his abstention from voting on the No Billag initiative.

    Broadcast from 20/02/2018

  • Almost everyone wants to promote bicycle traffic...

    Episode 5

    ... but Zurich still has too few cycle paths - what's wrong with Markus Knauss?

    Many cyclists are dissatisfied. Six years after the Velo Master Plan, and three years after the voters approved 120 million Swiss francs for the promotion of cycling. Markus Knauss, local councillor (Greens) and co...

  • Did the Cold War secret army P 26 also train for domestic operations?

    Episode 6

    Gian Trepp in conversation with Jo Lang, historian and former National Councillor.

    The P 26 was a secret military cadre organization established during the Cold War. It was supposed to resist an occupation of Switzerland by the Soviet Union. There was no legal basis for the secret army finance...

  • The Taktlos Festival as guest

    Episode 7

    The Taktlos Festival took place from 15 to 17 March in Zurich in the Kanzlei Club!

    A festival in the border area of jazz, experimental rock, new music, improvisation and composition.

    Lucas Niggli, drummer and curator, and David Hunziker, band lyrics, will meet at the table.

    More at www.t...

  • I am the gentrification!

    Episode 8

    From small Zurich to the big, wide world and back again. In the context of his own residential biography, the new film by the radical subjectivist and smart provocateur Thomas Haemmerli illustrates and analyses the issue of housing shortage. And recommends the construction of apartment buildings ...

  • Book presentation - HOHE BERGE - ENGES TAL

    Episode 9

    I threw the story of my ancestors in the trash in 1968. Family shit. Bündnertümmelei. Rhine Valley stink. To forget. Half a century has passed since then, I have become a grandfather, and the ancestors are back. And how, a whole book has become of it.

    Broadcast from 27.03.2018

  • Yodelling at the table at Chreis Cheib

    Episode 10

    Flavia Vasella cultivates the natural yodel in the middle of Chreis Cheib. Solo, and with Carmen Oswald in the duo Edeldicht.

    More about at

  • What is actually voted on in the Money Gaming Act?

    Episode 11

    Matthias Müller, vice-president of the Jungfreisinnigen and opponent of the Money Gaming Act, interviewed by Advocatus Diaboli Gian Trepp.

    Broadcast from 13/05/2018

  • Full money: Advantages and disadvantages

    Episode 12

    Explored in conversation with Markus Diem Meier, chief economist and author of the economic editorial office of "Tages-Anzeiger" and "SonntagsZeitung".

    Broadcast from 22/05/2018

  • The Internet of Things - What is it?

    Episode 13

    Gian Trepp in conversation with ETH Professor Dirk Helbing on the forthcoming introduction of the Internet of Things.

    Broadcast from 26/05/2018

  • What is it, and why does Switzerland need the electronic banknote?

    Episode 14

    Gian Trepp on the new type of money E-Franken, the electronic dwarfing of paper money.

    Broadcast from 04/06/2018