3 Seasons

The EXIL is a music club, which gives excellent live music full attention and make it into an exciting adventure.


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  • Ana Scent

    Episode 1

    Ana Scent's voice has that certain silver, her gaze that certain sparkle.
 Powerful drums and fat synthesizers celebrate freedom.

    Packed in hooky melodies, their lyrics wish for the depth that everyday life often lacks. She skillfully mixes acoustics with electronics.

    She is pop, and anyt...

  • Dave Eleanor

    Episode 2

    BlauBlau Records notorious melancholiac Dave Eleanor presents his latest piece of work. With ‚Amour Fou‘ he gets closer to his very idea of contemporary pop music than ever before.

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    Episode 3


    Episode 3

    The musical organism IKARUS is on tour with the dazzling pieces of the two albums Echo and Chronosome as well as brand new pieces. The band - consisting of drums, bass, piano as well as male and female vocals - is regularly on the road in Europe and Japan, taking their listeners into a jungle of ...

  • The legendary lightness

    Episode 4

    Densely spun guitar songs, served with fine restraint and all the more hypnotic in effect - that was the specialty of the band The Legendary Lightness around songwriter, guitarist and studio artist Daniel Hobi. With their third album "April Hearts" and two surprising new musicians the band dares ...

  • MONTAGS Special #669 - Sha's Feckel

    Episode 5

    Raw, incisive and uncompromising, the tightly arranged pieces occasionally evoke the angular rifferama of Van der Graaf Generator, or the pointillist math-rock rigour of Battles.

    Recorded 26.02.2018, EXIL Zurich