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  • Ils Fränzlis & Friends

    Folk music with everything and hot and three extra Fränzlis.

    Musical general assembly of world music from the lowest Lower Engadine.

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  • Thomas Meyer «Meyer rät.»

    Thomas Meyer has been writing a popular column for SonntagsBlick magazine since 2014. In it, he answers all possible and impossible questions in life relentlessly honestly and yet empathetically.

    While reading, it quickly becomes clear: Meyer observes his fellow men with a sharp eye and answe...

  • MONTAGS #754 Nik Bärtsch's MOBILE

    The purely acoustic music of Nik Bärtsch's MOBILE is full of surprising twists and bold combinations: Ingredients from funk, new classical music and elements of ritual Japanese music combine to create an exciting sound brew, which at times is funky, at other times ambient-like relaxed, and at oth...

  • Modern Monetary Theory

    The new monetary policy of American leftists like Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Progressives and many others. Instead of the central bank, the Treasury will now be responsible for monetary policy, and in the USA, Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) will ensure full employment, environmental c...

  • Ben Moore - "Moon: A Biography"

    The moon is a mysterious cosmic neighbour that has always fascinated us: How did it come into being? Why does it show us only one side, and how does it move the oceans? Does its bright light drive us mad? Is there really no life there? And what does the first moon landing 50 years ago mean for ma...