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  • MONTAGS #724 - KALI

    Nicolas Stocker on drums (member of Nik Bärtsch's Mobile and Marena Whicher, among others), Urs Müller on guitar (member of Sha's Feckel, among others) and Raphael Loher on piano (member of Sekhmet, among others) have already grown up with keen ears in a musical world in which prog groove, noise...

  • MONTAGS #722 - Trio-Special Bärtsch, Rast & Sha

    In addition to appearances on international tours, the Zen Funk Quartet, founded in 2001, performed every Monday for five years at Zurich's Bazillus Club. Since the end of August 2009, the series has been continued in EXIL. Besides EXIL co-founder Nik Bärtsch on the keys, Kaspar Rast (drums), Tho...

  • MONTAGS #686 - Bärtsch, Jordi & Sha

  • MONTAGS #682 - Trio-Special Jordi, Rast & Sha

    In absence of Nik Bärtsch, Sha, Kaspar Rast and Thomy Jordi performed within a Trio Special.

  • MONTAGS #672 - Nicolas Stocker Drum Solo

    He is one of the most important young drummers in Switzerland and has also presented his trio KALI in the EXIL Club, which has just caused a sensation at the Festival in Willisau and the Match and Fuse Festival.

    (Recorded 16/10/2017)

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  • MONTAGS #666 - Special Nik Bärtsch’s RONIN

    EXIL CELEBRATEED MONDAYS #666 with Matthieu Michel (trumpet) who played over grooves and Piet Klocke, who spoke about Groove!

  • Christoph Grab’s REFLECTIONS

    The trio of the alt and tenor saxophonist Christoph Grab puts both well-known pieces such as the romantic ballad «Round Midnight» as well as obscure hurdle numbers like «Gallop's Gallop» in a new light.

    Monk is not misunderstood by Grab & Co. as a Klamaukruder, but as an ingenious melodist an...

  • MONTAGS #661 - Special Nik Bärtsch Piano Solo

    Nik Bärtsch finally played one of his special solo concert MONTAGS - after the successful concerts this year in Paris, Rome, Milan and as a preparation for the solo autumn tour in the Middle East and India.

  • MONTAGS #658 - Special RONIN Rhythm Clan

    Nik Bärtsch's RONIN together with Fabian Capaldi (sax, flute), Martial In-Albon (trumpet), Michael Fluri (trombone) and Manuel Troller (guitar).


    The RONIN Section Sha, Rast, Jordi plays without the absent Nik Bärtsch as a trio. This will provide some surprises and well-known RONIN pieces in a new guise.

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  • MONTAGS #745 Nik Bärtsch's RONIN

    Nik Bärtsch (keys)
    Kaspar Rast (drums)
    Thomy Jordi (bass)
    Sha (bass and double bass clarinet, alto saxophone)

    Joel Gilardini at Live Ambient Guitar before and between sets

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