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Kosmopolitics, nomen est omen, is about the world. There is much wrong with it, but there is also reason for hope. Kosmopolitics deals with social, political, social and scientific topics, questions that concern us. Inform, analyse and discuss together: relaxed, but committed, analytical, but with heart, discursive, but hopefully also intuitive. With this in mind, KOSMOS invites various partners or hosts who will focus on the content and contribute their part to the evening. Kosmopolitics takes place (almost) every Monday evening. Admission is free, sometimes there is a collection.

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  • 50 Years of Stonewall 25 Years of Zurich Pride

    Episode 1

    How important were the Stonewall riots 50 years ago for the entire LGBTIQ+ movement, when transwomen, gays, lesbians and bisexuals first publicly resisted the police raids in the "Stonewall Inn" on Christopher Street on June, 28 1969?

    What did this bring to the movement? Where do we have to go...