Loosli Puppet Theatre

Loosli Puppet Theatre

6 Seasons

It all started with Peter Loosli, a trained car painter, flat painter and amateur actor. At the age of 27, he trained as a professional actor and had his first engagements in theatre, radio, film, television and cabaret. Together with his wife Trudi and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's premiere of "The Little Prince", he began his career as a professional puppeteer.

Countless other pieces and performances followed until he finally produced and performed the puppet play "Pinocchio" for the first time together with his son Tobias in 1990. Tobias had already gained experience with the street circus "Paff und Staff", as a magician "Buccini" and as a stage designer and prop maker. Tobias is not only a puppeteer, as a trained furniture carpenter he is also active as a stage designer and puppet builder.

In 1996 Peter W. Loosli was admitted to the Ordre des arts et des lettres by the French Minister of Culture. This is in gratitude for the more than forty years of distribution of French cultural heritage in German-speaking countries through the staging of "The Little Prince".

1998 Tobias and his wife Lois develop their first puppet show: "Muggestutz der Haslizwerg". Only one year later Trudi and Peter bid farewell to the stage with their most successful production of "The Little Prince" and hand over the scepters Tobias and Lois.

2005 Looslis Puppentheater celebrates its 50th anniversary and the success story continues with plays like "Illi de Landstriicher", "Pinocchio" and many others. Finally, in 2011 Peter and Trudi Loosli will be honoured with the Small Theatre Prize. Shortly before Peter Loosli's death at the end of 2011, Tobias and Lois and Jeannot Hunziker stage a new production of the "Little Prince".

The puppetry continues...


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Loosli Puppet Theatre
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