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The EXIL in Zurich offers a permanent basis for MONTAGS – a platform for the continuous work on the RITUAL GROOVE MUSIC by Nik Bärtsch, as well as for a wider community interested in the related musical ideas.

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    Episode 1

    The RONIN Section Sha, Rast, Jordi plays without the absent Nik Bärtsch as a trio. This will provide some surprises and well-known RONIN pieces in a new guise.

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  • MONTAGS #748 Nik Bärtsch's RONIN

    Episode 2

    Nik Bärtsch (keys)
    Kaspar Rast (drums)
    Thomy Jordi (bass)
    Sha (bass and double bass clarinet, alto saxophone)

    Recorded 01/04/2019

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  • MONTAGS #666 Special Nik Bärtsch’s RONIN

    Episode 3

    EXIL CELEBRATEED MONDAYS #666 with Matthieu Michel (trumpet) who played over grooves and Piet Klocke, who spoke about Groove!

  • MONTAGS #662 Special - Duo Nik Bärtsch & Sha

    Episode 4

    After several concerts abroad, the duo Bärtsch Sha also plays MONTAGS again. Without Ronin Rhythm Section with bass and drums, the detail richness of Sha's and Bärtsch's play is heard quite differently without the groove being lost: "In this sound cosmos, Sha appears, a beatboxer on the bass clar...

  • MONTAGS #658 - Special RONIN Rhythm Clan

    Episode 5

    Nik Bärtsch's RONIN together with Fabian Capaldi (sax, flute), Martial In-Albon (trumpet), Michael Fluri (trombone) and Manuel Troller (guitar).