Revenue Share

Global revenues for local performing arts aims to bring stages with their unique demonstration of outstanding cultural values such as authenticity, excitement, passion, emotion, experience and community into contemporary communication channels, to share with as many people as possible and to give artists a digital reach and sustainable visibility.

Artists, promoters and theatres will receive a share of the revenue from subscriptions and the sustainable audiovisual presence of their works.

These pro-rata revenues on are calculated as follows:

a. The income from chargeable and partner relied content on is added up quarterly.

    b. After deduction of the applicable value added tax, the amount will be divided into a Partner Share (artist, promoter or stage) and a Share in the respective agreed ratio.

    c. The Share is used to cover fixed costs for the production, infrastructure, publication, operation and distribution of content on .

    d. The variable costs (payment services and collecting societies according to applicable tariffs) are deducted from the Partner Share (= net revenue ).

    e. The net revenue from the Partner Share will be distributed to all paid content in the media library based on the frequency of use (in minutes) within a period of 3 months.

    f. Each individual partner will be credited with the minutes (viewing time) resulting from the use of their paid content by paying members of

    g. At the end of the 3-month billing period (quarter), the total number of minutes of individual partner content viewed will be divided by the total number of paid content minutes viewed in the media library. The partner receives this percentage credited from the net revenues of the Partner Share.

    h. The quarterly payment of pro rata income shall be made on the account connections specified in the individual user agreements by credit note and credit note in written form by e-mail less subsequent fees:

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