General Terms of Use for the Videoportal “” and Group Galore GmbH with all their employees attach great importance to transparent business and service conditions. The following describes how the contractual relationship between the user and the Group Galore GmbH is designed.

If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions please contact us by e-mail at

1. Contractor
2. Scope of application
3. Your rights and obligations
4. Purchase a subscription / memberships
5. Registration
6. User account
7. Technical requirements
8. Event overview, cancellation of events
9. Liability
10. Warranty
11. Refunds
12. Privacy Policy
13. Change of Terms and Conditions
14. Choice of law and other provisions


1. Contractor

1.1. Group Galore is operated by Group Galore GmbH. The contracting party is thus the Group Galore GmbH, Switzerland (commercial register: CHE-254.124.696) (hereinafter referred to as ‘GG’) and you as a user.

GG operates a telemedia service at the URL to provide video live and on demand as streaming.

GG provides the following features and services on the platform:

Subscription on demand (SVoD) and Pay per View (transaction video on demand / TVoD): The use of the service allows the user to use GG online-provided content (as streaming technology) online as a live and on-video video And to use them for private demonstrations for non-commercial purposes.

The following general terms and conditions apply to all legal transactions between GG and the user. By registering or using our services, you agree to these terms of use. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms of use, you may not use the offered services.

The Terms of use can be accessed online at


2. Scope of application

2.1. Consent to terms of use
Unless expressly derogated from, these Terms and Conditions shall apply to all purchases made by us and to any liability which we have to assume in connection with such purchases.
With the confirmation of your registration or the purchase of a fee-based offer, you recognize this validity of this GTC irrevocably.

2.2 Representation authority
Subject to the sale of access to the online content, we are acting as representatives for third parties such as organizers and artists. Each of these providers has its own terms and conditions, which are subject to the respective content (products) in addition to our own terms and conditions. Please make sure that you have read and agree to both our terms and conditions, as well as the terms and conditions of service for the providers in question, before you enter into a contract with us. If business partners of GG have different terms, the GTC shall proceed.

2.3. Terms of the contract’
For the use of the offer is a previous registration with a valid e-mail address, a password, valid and reliable payment data and the address required. In addition, the user must confirm his account by e-mail. In addition, the general terms and conditions and the data protection declaration of GG and, if applicable, third parties (eg payment providers) are confirmed and accepted by registering on, whereby they are included in the contract. The entry of a non-existent or foreign e-mail address is not permitted. Subsequent changes to the e-mail address must be reported immediately. The e-mail address is used to display the user, e.g. To inform about a possible subsequent modification of these General Terms and Conditions. Use of the e-mail address for further purposes, e.g. The user may at any time object to the sending of the newsletters.

The contract relationship begins with activation of the access data selected by the user within the registration. The user is obligated to make accurate and complete information about his / her identity during the registration process and to keep this data up-to-date and correct during the duration of the contractual relationship. The user is free to choose his user name. It is, however, not permitted to choose usernames that lead to a breach of these terms of business or to sexual or contentious content or appeal.

The contractual relationship is not transferable. The user has to protect his access from unauthorized access by third parties and will inform GG promptly of abuses of his access data by third parties. In addition, the user is obliged to compensate the user for damage caused by unauthorized use. Users can terminate their membership at any time by signing out.


3. Your rights and obligations

3.1. Right to perception
At you can purchase the digital access for the offered content, by means of a so-called video stream via the Internet, the contents with an internet-enabled terminal.
If GG offers the user the purchase of content for unlimited use for the duration of the active subscription (so-called “S-VoD”), the user receives the right to retrieve the content as often as purchased within the plan/ subscription.
If the user receives a time-limited access (pay per view), the user receives the right to retrieve the content as a stream in a defined period by means of payment.
The user has the right to retrieve the paid-for-live, pay-per-view (PPV) or video-on-demand (PMD) video content. Non-commercial purposes, namely for viewing and listening.
This right is not given to you exclusively and solely for the period of the respective availability of the contents. No further use is permitted. A permanent saving of the stream on your terminal (download) is not permissible.

3.2. Obligations
Any use or exploitation or alteration of the internet offer of GG is prohibited. In particular, the copying or reading of content, groups and contributions, directories, databases, etc. is not permitted for commercial purposes and is pursued by the provider according to the law in force. Furthermore, any reproduction and / or dissemination of the content of GG or parts thereof without the written consent of GG is prohibited.
Any use which goes beyond the permitted extent constitutes a copyright infringement under applicable law and is therefore prohibited.
No guarantee is given for the permanent availability of the Internet presence as well as for the correctness and completeness of the contents / entries / videos.
The user undertakes to respect national and international copyright and to use the retrieved contents only under his observance and within the framework of the rights of use granted by this contract. In particular, the user will not remove or alter any copyright notices and / or copyright notices for the content.
The user / user will procure the necessary technical prerequisites (eg internet connection, mobile radio connection) at his own expense.

3.3. Prohibition of impairments
The user / user has to refrain from anything that could affect the functionality of in any way. This is especially true for the use of Robot, Spider or OfflineReader software, which automatically generates user requests via the Internet. You also agree not to modify, override, copy, or distribute any portion of the Site, including any other user’s area, that is made available to us. In particular, you are only entitled to retrieve and view a live stream; Parallel viewing and parallel reception via the same user account and user access are not permitted.

3.4. Prohibition of duplication and reproduction
You are not allowed to edit, reproduce, disseminate, publicly display, reproduce, or use the event or the parts of the event which you have received, or to use them outside the scope described in these terms. The technical reproduction for the purpose of the retrieval and the presentation of the live-streaming is permitted solely for private use. Also the hiding of advertising inserts etc. is an illicit processing.

3.5. Provision of system requirements
It is solely up to you to create and maintain the system requirements for the use of the live stream offer. We can not assume any liability or liability for disturbances in the use of the live stream offer, which are due to missing or insufficient system requirements.
GG is doing the best for a high-quality offer. However, GG assumes no guarantee for the successful and rapid acquisition of streamings. If a streaming can not be made, even though an information file has been proven, GG will endeavor to provide the user with the stream.

3.6. Prohibition of misuse
You may not misuse the offer by us, in particular you may
A. Use any passwords transmitted to retrieve, decrypt or play the recordings only for this purpose, do not manipulate them and do not pass them on to third parties in a permanent or timely manner; They are, therefore, obliged to protect them from the unauthorized access of third parties;
B. (For example, by uploading to a file or streaming file) by using the live stream or recalled recording for private purposes only, for non-commercial purposes, not publicly, broadcasting, broadcasting or otherwise, Sharing systems) and also non-commercial, eg For Internet or SMS services.
C. Children or adolescents, only those recordings which are released for the respective age group may be made accessible.
D. Do not circumvent or remove the technical backups and / or information on rights management used by us.
E. Use the retrieved video stream only in compliance with the contractual provisions, national and international copyrights and do not duplicate the film.


4. Purchase a subscription / memberships

4.1. Confirmation of the subscription / membership
We confirm the purchase for a certain fee-based access model by confirming the acceptance according to the terms of the license agreement. No. 2.3. As well as submitting a confirmation mail. You do not need to confirm a paid access for which you have a confirmation mail.

4.2. Changes to the subscription / membership
After confirmation, the subscriptions can only be changed after expiration. Subscriptions / memberships are available for
– daily subscribtion without recurring charges (YourStage 24h)
– weekly subscribtion without recurring charges (YourStage +7)
– monthly subscribtion without recurring charges (YourStage Premium)
– annual membership with monthly reccuring charges (YourStage Member)

4.3. Changes to the offer
We reserve the right to change the streaming offer at any time. The same applies to the technical realization of the live streams and the retrievability of the OnDemand offer.

4.4. Cost of subscriptions
The costs for the subscriptions are based on the announcement on the website. The prices are inclusive of VAT.

4.5. Payment functions
There are various payment methods available to you through our payment provider. Further information can be found at

4.6. Bill
You will receive the invoice by e-mail as a registered user in digital form. If desired, an invoice will be sent to you in paper form. The shipping charges incurred for this purpose will be billed to you separately.

4.7. Pay
Online ticket prices, prices, all taxes and any other fees related to the subscription must be paid in full when you make a conclusion and confirm it. If the full amount has not been paid for the confirmation of the onlineticket purchase (or with us no credit agreement closed), we can cancel the onlineticket purchase at any time until the beginning of the event or the start of the transfer.

4.8. Personal data
You acknowledge that we will receive information about you for the purpose of making a subscription and confirming it; To provide and develop additional services and facilities; For direct marketing (unless you refuse your authorization); Accounting, accounting and auditing; For checking credit or other payment cards; For security purposes and for administrative and legal purposes; For system testing, maintenance and development; For statistical analysis; To comply with legal and other regulations; As well as to facilitate further contacts with you. You authorize us to store, use, and pass on personal data to you, to our subsidiaries, authorized representatives, regardless of their location. Please also refer to our full privacy policy, which is available on our website at

4.9. Discounts & vouchers
Some plans may benefit from gift, coupon, voucher or redemption codes. If a discount is available the specific code must be applied to a plan within check options (

5.0. Membership Card
Within the YourStage Member plan you will receive a membercard after the trial period of one month. Meanwhile you may benefit of the on-site discounts showing or e-mail receive and id at entrance of partner events.


5. Registration

5.1. Voluntary registration
You are free to register for the use of our services with us or not. A registration allows you to retrieve the paid content or charge the content. You only have the option to add additional services such as the subscription, a pay per view, the issuing of an invoice, etc. within the framework of a registration. to claim something.

5.2. Personal data
Your registration requires the details of the first name, name, date of birth, full address and e-mail address.

5.3. Accuracy of the information
You are obligated to answer truthfully the information requested during registration. You are responsible for this.

5.4. Changes to personal details
You are obligated to inform us without delay of any changes concerning the data given during the registration process. For this purpose please send us an email to If this does not work, you are obliged to notify us of the changes in writing. You can also change your data in your user account.

5.5. Protection of passwords
You are required to keep your password, user name, and any data that allows unauthorized access through your account, and to change or modify them without delay if there is a suspicion that unauthorized third parties have been aware of them .

5.6. Your liability
You are liable to us for damages caused by breaches of your obligations arising from clauses 5.1. To 5.5. And indemnify us from third party claims. This does not apply if you are not responsible for the breach. You are responsible for proving that you are not responsible for the breach.

5.7. Free release
Registration is available at and will be charged depending on the selected tariff/ plan . We will set you free after registration. With the release, an employment relationship which runs for an indefinite period of time takes place.

5.4. Confirmation of registration
After submitting the registration form, you will receive
– one e-mail to set your password according to your username
– one e-mail to confirm the membership
– one
e-mail with your receipt

5.5. Rejection of registration
We reserve the right to refuse registration of individual persons for important reasons.


6. User account

6.1. Set up a user account
Upon completion of the registration, you will receive an unlimited user account for the chosen tariff period. Your user data is stored there. To use our fee-based offers, additional individual contracts are required.

6.2. Cancellation of account by you
You can cancel your account at any time by deleting it at itself. A cancellation is possible at the earliest at the end of the term of the ticket when buying an onlineticket.

6.3. Cancellation of account by us
The user account can also be terminated by us at any time, with a booked onlineticket, but at the earliest at the end of the term of the ticket, with a period of two weeks in writing or by e-mail.

6.4. Disabling the user account
In the case of significant breaches of your obligations, we are entitled to block your account. You will be informed by e-mail. The suspension continues until the breach of duty has been remedied and you have proved the failure to omit any future breach of duty.

6.5. Extraordinary termination
The right to extraordinary termination for important reasons, in writing or by e-mail, shall remain unaffected by this regulation.

6.6. Transfer of accounts
You may not transfer your account to any third party. Access to your account is governed by your subscription.


7. Technical requirements

7.1. Internet connection
The use of our services requires an Internet connection at any Internet provider. It is recommended a broadband connection (at least DSL 2048 kbit / s.) And a flat rate tariff expressly. Bandwidths below this recommendation permit the use only with considerable quality losses. Depending on the Internet connection used, depending on the provider and tariff, especially with regard to time or volume prices, you can incur substantial additional costs by using our streaming offer.

7.2. Requirements for Flash Video
To use our services in HTML or Flash video format (mpg4, h.264) your terminal must meet at least the following conditions:
– at least PC or laptop with Intel Pentium IV processor, Apple Macintosh G5
– Operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Mac OS X 10.4 minimum 512 MB RAM
– 64 MB graphics card, resolution 1024×768
– Sound card with loudspeaker
– Flash Player version 9.0.115 or higher
– Web browser: from Firefox 2.0, Internet Explorer 6, Safari 3
– bandwidth 1024 kbps for 500 kbps stream and 2048 kbps for 1,000 kbps stream
– at least one of the following RTMP ports on your firewall (1935, 443, 80) or RTMPT port 80 must be open

7.3. Requirements for HD stream
To play an HD stream, you need the following system requirements:
– PC or laptop with dual core (2 Ghz +) processor, Apple Macintosh Intel Core Duo 2.66GHz or higher
– Operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X 10.4
– 2 GB RAM or higher
– 128 MB graphics card or higher, resolution 1920×1080
– Sound card with stereo speakers
– Flash Player version 9.0.115 or higher
– Webbrowser: from Firefox 50.0, Internet Explorer 10, Safari 5
or higher Bandwidth 6 Mbit or higher
– at least one of the following RTMP ports on your firewall (1935, 443, 80) or RTMPT port 80 must be open

7.4. Individual responsibility
They are responsible for the production of the technical prerequisites mentioned under 7.


8. Event overview, cancellation of events

8.1. No guarantee for the time of the event
We make all necessary and reasonable arrangements to transfer the event. We can not assume any guarantee for the times stated in the event overviews or otherwise; They are not part of the onlineticket purchase.

8.2. Changes to the event program
After the on-line ticket purchase, the events can be modified and / or canceled, discontinued, postponed or terminated at any time, especially if this is decided by the organizer or, in our opinion, justified by circumstances beyond our control or due to security reasons . In this case, para. 11.
We are not liable beyond the scope stated in the General Terms and Conditions. There is no legal claim on the permanent availability of the platform as well as the retrievability of the individual contents. GG is also entitled to suspend or discontinue offers without giving reasons.

8.3. Our information obligation
If the event is canceled before the start or a far-reaching change is made to the schedule, we will endeavor to inform you about the cancellation or change.

8.4. No liability for changes in the scope and time of the event
Except in the event of negligence or negligence, an act or omission on our part committed with a view to causing damage, or maliciously and in the awareness that a damage is likely to occur, we shall not be liable for any mistakes or omissions in the course of the event or In other published information on the times and scope of the event. In particular, we are not liable for the action or omission of the organizer himself or any other third party.


9. Liability

9.1. No guarantee for availability and quality
The availability of the live stream can not be guaranteed; It depends on, among other things, various technical factors such as the utilization of the servers, the presence of bandwidth, etc. We also do not guarantee a certain technical quality of the transmission, in particular no particular resolution or window size. Furthermore, there is no entitlement to an interruption-free transmission or to the fact that the event is transferred completely until the end of the event.

9.2. No responsibility for content
The respective organizers or persons acting are responsible for the content being streamed or retrieved. A liability of us for legal violations as a fellow-destroyer comes into consideration only after we have been informed about them.
For further information, please contact: Group Galore GmbH, Treichlerstrasse 2, 8032 Zurich

9.3. No responsibility for damages caused by third parties
We shall not be liable for any content or programs that are disseminated on our website, nor for damages resulting from this, unless such damages are deliberately or grossly negligent. This applies to all types of damages, in particular damages caused by errors, delays or interruptions in the transmission, in the case of technical equipment and services, inaccurate content, loss or deletion of data, viruses, or otherwise in the use of this data Online offer.

9.4. No liability for third party services
We assume no responsibility for the content, error – freeness, legality or
Functionality of internet sites of third parties, to which we are referred by links from our website. Site calls on such links are at your own risk.

9.5. Liability for own fault
If we are not able to offer you a Livestream online ticket, you will be entitled to a replacement only if the transmission fails due to a fault, which we have acted with gross negligence or willful intent.

9.6. No liability for force majeure or for deficiencies not represented
We are not responsible for any disturbances in the access to the website or its quality or the contents offered by it due to force majeure or due to events which we are not responsible for, such as e.g. In the event of the failure of communication networks or parts thereof. We do not warrant that the website will work intermittently and error-free, or that any errors will be corrected. We also do not guarantee the correctness of the content on the website.

9.7. No liability in case of failure of events
No claims against us can be derived from the failure of events, even in the short term.

9.8. Liability for damage
We shall be liable for damages if we or one of our vicarious agents has violated a substantial contractual obligation (cardinal obligation) in a manner which endangers the contractual purpose or the damage is due to gross negligence or intention by us or one of our vicarious agents. If a culpable violation of a major contractual obligation (cardinal obligation) is not grossly negligent or deliberate, the liability is limited to such typical damages, which were reasonably foreseeable for us at the time of conclusion of the contract. This limitation of liability applies to contractual and non-contractual claims. Liability resulting from mandatory statutory provisions shall remain unaffected.


10. Warranty

10.1. Elimination of technical deficiencies
We will promptly rectify technical faults, which have been demonstrably caused by us or by third parties commissioned by us, within the scope of the technical possibilities. If a malfunction of the service causes you to use the retrieved video stream demonstrably not in accordance with the contract or the possibility of use for you is lifted or significantly affected, we will immediately make a replacement delivery. If this fails, you can request a reduction of the existing conditions or cancellation of the contract. The replacement delivery does not have to take place immediately.

10.2. Further claims for defects
Further claims for disturbances are only possible within the scope of the above-mentioned. Limitations of liability possible.


11. Refunds

11.1. Refund of the onlineticket purchase price
If we are not able to transfer the onlinestream, and / or if you are entitled to a refund on the basis of these terms and conditions, we refund the onlineticket price or a part thereof. In cases beyond these terms and conditions, no reimbursement of ticket prices may be claimed.

11.2. Refund to entitled persons
A refund will only be given to the person who paid the on-line ticket price or at their instructions, whereby we can demand sufficient proof of the original payment from the person. Reimbursement will be made through the credit or debit card you used during the original purchase or by transfer of a bank account.

11. 3. Confirmation number
Reimbursement of online ticket prices can only be made against notification of the confirmation number or other documents issued by us.

11.4. Fulfillment to third parties
If the amount of a person who has provided the onlineticket or other documents or has qualified as a entitled person is reimbursed, this shall be considered a legal reimbursement and shall release us from further liability and reimbursement claims.

11.5. currency
Reimbursement is always made in the currency in which the online ticket has been paid.

11.6. Credit card charges
Credit card charges are not refunded.

11.7. Alternatives to Refund
If you agree with a solution other than the refund, this article applies to the respective alternative.


12. Terms of privacy

12.1. Applicability of the Data Protection Act (DSG)
Your personal data will only be collected, processed or used if you have given your consent or the Data Protection Act (DSG) or any other legal provision directs or permits it.

12.2. Your consent to data collection, use and processing
We may use your personal data, which is necessary to establish or modify a contractual relationship in accordance with these terms and conditions, including its content, as far as this is necessary for advertising, user advice or market research for our own purposes. You agree to this with the confirmation of these terms and conditions.
Please also note our separate Privacy terms.


13. Changes to the Terms (GTC) of use

If we intend to make changes to this GTC, the change will be announced on the website or communicated by e-mail. The “Updated” notice may be displayed to alert users to recent changes and the date of the last change.
The changes are deemed approved if you do not object to them in writing. We will particularly point out this sequence in the letter of notification. The objection must be received within six weeks of receipt of the notification. If you exercise your right of objection, our request for amendment shall be deemed rejected. The contract is then continued without the proposed changes. The right of the contractual partners to terminate the contract remains unaffected.

GG also publishes, from time to time, FAQs on certain products, content and terms of contract.


14. Choice of law and other provisions

14.1. Applicability of Swiss law
The law of Switzerland applies.

14.2. Consequence in case of ineffectiveness individual conditions
Should individual terms and conditions of these General Terms and Conditions be or become invalid or void, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining terms of the contract.


Zurich, 01.03.2017