Volksmusig im Volkshuus

Volksmusig im Volkshuus

5 Seasons

Over the past few years, Swiss folk music has developed into an enormously diverse, fresh and always surprising scene.


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Volksmusig im Volkshuus
  • Anton Bruhin & Hujässler and stories from Christian Schmid

    Episode 1

    The master of the jaw harp (Maultrommel) solos and THE flagship of the new folk music opens up an earthy and virtuoso series. (with Markus Flückiger & Dani Häusler)

  • Nadja Räss & Alderbuebe

    Episode 2

    20 years of Appenzeller tradition and innovation come together with the nominee of the Swiss Grand Prix Music 2016. Truly a fulminant summit meeting of the special kind.

  • Rampass
    Episode 3


    Episode 3

    Rampass is characterised by earthy colours, durable patterns and the renunciation of excess art frills. A Scottish is a Scottish, basta! (with Markus Flückiger)

    Recorded 19/02/2017.

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  • Appenzeller Space Schöttl

    Episode 4

    After many years of separate paths Töbi Tobler and Ficht Tanner joined together again. With their "Appenzeller Space Schöttl", they already influenced the Swiss music scene in the eighties, and are now regarded as pioneers of the new Swiss volkmusik. A witness of that time is the outdated CD "Her...

  • Guschtis

    Episode 5

    "Guschti's original, pure Bergler and Sennenkapelle" are the dance and entertainment orchestras of the old school, with the aim of making our dance floors vibrate. Daring and dingy.

  • Kazalpin

    Episode 6

    The Belarusian vocal trio "Akana" and the "Albin Brun Alpin Ensemble" combine folk music, world music and chamber jazz. Touching, virtuoso and surprising.

    With Patricia Draeger, Claudio Strebel, Marco Käppeli.


  • Natur Pur & Echo vom Schattähalb

    Episode 7

    "Schrägers and Gräders" from the Muotatal. Between the Tänzli to the breathtaking wonderful Jüüzli, as it always was and is correct. Alpmilch and honey for the ears!

  • Quartett Robin Mark

    Episode 8

    Schwyzerörgeli goes jazz, folk pop and improvisation. The quartet is mainly devoted to its own compositions. Attention - the young wild graders come to Tsüri but their own, daring ways!

  • Pirmin Huber’s Ländlerorchester

    Episode 9

    The new interpretation of folk elements takes us into a unique world of music. Pirmin Huber's masterpiece returns to Zurich with great enthusiasm about the world premiere of "Feelings" at the "Stubete am See" in 2016 with 11 musicians.

  • Pflanzplätz & Dävu Märki

    Episode 10

    Through experimentation and pleasure in playing, special characteristics and the inclusion of stylistic elements, the performance achieves its own autonomy and thus differs from today's popular "Örgelimusig". Pioneers.

  • Schänner Blech-Füfermusig

    Episode 11

    From the 100-year repertoire of the Schänner folk music tradition. Dusted, rebashed, collar strengthened. "Tänzig wie-n e Moore", the metal sheet from the stage.

  • Barbara Berger’s Silberen

    Episode 12

    Naturjüüz and folk songs, narrate stories and legends from their nearer and more remote home. With respect, they interpret the musical heritage, preserve the moving and bring the essence carefully arranged into the present time. Kammerjuuz.